A Productive Week

A Productive Week

Shield-UK has had an industrious week with two mammoth orders.

SHEILD-UK: Hands numb from all the gluing, stapling, and hammering. Last week has saw us complete two huge orders of screens. No rest for the wicked though, working right through the weekend- we have a range of screens ready for install this week.


If there is to be a silver lining in all of this, it’s the sense of community that has been instilled in us all. Just the Warwick/ Leamington boroughs alone have illustrated the resilience of the residences and businesses alike.  Mirroring the work we do at Table Art, we take great satisfaction in seeing an order from initial enquiry all the way through to install. The real motivation here is the fact that we can utilize our skillset and support local businesses through this crisis.



Streamlining Production

With the launch of the Shield-UK website, it will be no surprise to read that we have been inundated with orders. As a result, our warehouse needed to streamline production to work at their most efficient. The first step saw MD Gary order all the necessary materials in bulk. Then with a divide and conquer strategy, processes were divided up and brought together at the final stage.


Working with our neighbours Tracy Adams Ltd, as textile manufacturers they are better able to measure and cut our plastic sheeting. John and his team have used impressive machinery to cut multiple sheets at a single stroke. The time saving implications of this cannot be underestimated. John can cut out 50 rectangular plastic screens in half the time it took one of our team to cut out a single sheet by hand.



Onto the wood framing, we work by cutting in bulk. Cutting all one length first and then working our way through until we have the full set of wood components for the frame. Onto the arduous task of painting, we have two options in a grey tone and a natural wood effect for those looking for something simpler.


The final stage is construction. This is where you will find two/ three members of the team assembling the various components and making the screen. Although the production line does not allow for you to make a single frame initially, breaking it up into components means that by the end of the week you have a mammoth set of frames ready to ship!



A New Design

We are a team that encourages ideas and collaboration. When the team were brought into action the production line, ideas flew. One such idea was a simplified version of our PPE frame that would address our more budget conscious clients. Contrasting our original concept which features a complex set of hinges that allows a client to pack a screen down to a micro package- this new design works similarly to a book. A book you ask? Yes that’s right, with a single hinge top and bottom to the frame, the screen simply folds in two. With its narrow silhouette you can still pack it down and store it easily. Also has the added benefit of being simpler to install/ derig and being budget friendly! Again this new system will also be available in dark grey, light grey and natural wood.


Having launched this new design over the weekend, we imagine it will be a popular option for the bigger premises looking to order their screens in bulk.



Gould Barbers

We have had an extraordinarily busy weekend. Working on an order for Gould Salons, we now have our first batch of grey PPE Screens completed and installed. Taking on the more local stores this week, Gary and Sam worked directly with the onsite teams, getting the screens set up and safely secured. We can only imagine that come the grand opening; the Barbour’s will be inundated with lockdown mops. Luckily for both customers and employees alike, they can take comfort in the fact that the PPE screens are protecting them.



It isn’t just our PPE Screens that we are looking to aid the new social distancing guidelines. For those of you not aware of our Dining Hub product, it is a wireless charging devise for mobiles that features an LED Screen, perfect for onsite advertising. Here we worked with the management of Gould to bring the hubs in store for testing. A great convenience for the client who may wish to have their phone charged up while they get their groom on. It is also a fabulous device for reminding clients and employees alike of the social distancing measures. We can produce custom graphics to match the business in question. This will deliver a strong sense of brand alongside the vital social distancing warning. A sleek and subtle reminder, you will be keeping everyone alert.


It's been a great oportunity to showcase the hubs at the Gould Salons and we hope to push them from this testing phase and out into general use. 



Our screens are low cost, lightweight, easy to move and to install. An ideal solution for bars, restaurants, barbers, salons, shops, gyms, factories etc.


Explore our range of products here on the website and make your order today.


Make your Screen booking today: hello@table-art.co.uk | 01926 833942



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