The Perfect Business Solution

The Perfect Business Solution

Shield-UK has what you need to get your business back in business:

2020 will go down in history as one of the most turbulent and challenging years of our age. No one could have predicted the chaos that lay ahead when we saw in the New Year. As a result of the pandemic, we have a business community looking desperately to get back to some semblance of normality.


Todays the day! June 15th sees thousands of high street shops, department stores and shopping centres reopening across England. Non-essential shops have now been given the go ahead by our business secretary to open their doors. All to boost the economy which has seen a record-breaking dip in these recent months. As Government restrictions slowly ease, Shield-UK are ready to help businesses get back on their feet. Adhering to strict government guidelines, we have produced a range of equipment designed to protect both employees and customers.




Government Guidelines

Even the phrase Government Guidelines fills us with trepidation. No one wants to filter through miles of paperwork, especially when they are chomping at the bit to get their business reopened. However, it is important, now more than ever to adhere to these guidelines. Looking to avoid that dreaded second wave of Covid, we need to invest time in reading these guidelines. Thus, making sure we have the measures in place to protect the public:


Key Points:

  • Using markings and introducing one-way flow at entry and exit points.
  • Providing handwashing facilities (or hand sanitiser where not possible) at entry and exit points.
  • Using screens to create a physical barrier between people.


Shield-UK are here to help. Having researched these procedures, we are able to provide much needed equipment that will enable you to follow said guidelines. As in the key points picked out above, screens will prove vital. In the combat of the disease, the screens provide a physical barrier when the 2m distance rule cannot be followed.



In addition, our sanitizing stations are again another vital tool. Inviting your customers to clean their hands before stepping into the building, you will tackle the threat of cross contamination. For customers who are prone to browsing, i.e touching various products without buying- with clean hands- you will worry less about Covid spreading on surfaces.


Finally, there are the floor markings to consider. Making a clear entry and exit point with a single flow of traffic is absolutely vital in keeping both yourself and the customer safe. By putting these plans and measures in place, you will be avoiding congregating groups and backlogged traffic.


All three of these measures need careful consideration. Once a plan is devised, we recommend you contact Shield-UK direct and we can action your plan with our equipment.


Consider the Shopping Experience:

Considering the customer experience is critical at this juncture. As a business owner you want to make the experience as safe as possible while still being pleasant. Recently one of our team visited a Garden Centre with family and although measures were in place, they were so poorly thought out that it left the family feeling unsafe. The result of which is that the family got out of the centre as quickly as possible and are choosing not to return. If the Garden Centre had better procedures in place, the family would have A. Spent money and B. Returned. Keep this in mind when you are putting your own plans in place. Seek advise from similar businesses and get a family member to do a walk around and test. Don’t be afraid of criticism, everyone is learning here.




How shopping will be different:

There are five key areas in which the experience will be different for shoppers:

  1. Shops will look different.

Following the measures put in place by the government, shops will look inherently different. Single flow traffic through the store will force you to think carefully about what you need. No being able to turnaround and grab that bargain you saw; you need to take the product as you see it.

  1. Going Solo

For the retail industry, gone are the groups of customers. You will need to focus your efforts on the single shopper. The upside of this is that a lone shopper is statistically more likely to buy.

  1. Product Interaction

Customers will be wary of touching a product. Those who are a little more prepared will bring gloves. Perhaps as a business its worth considering offering gloves at the door. It could turn out to be a vital tool if product interaction is vital in a sale.

  1. Other Shoppers

Research as shown that in these recent months, the shopping experience in Supermarkets has been decidedly unpleasant. To clarify, some customers report experiencing more difficult interactions. Often when someone fails to comply with a H&S procedure, they are pulled up immediately by a fellow customer. Although mistakes happen, prepare to be on the receiving end of some comments if you make a misstep. The best approach is to take your time and look at all the procedures in place, making sure to follow them.  

  1. Prepare to wait…

Rather predictably, you will need to prepare for long waiting times. With the new shop layouts and groups queuing at two metre distance, shopping will take a little longer than pre-Covid.  


As a business owner, being aware of these altered experiences will help you provide the service your customers have come to reply upon you for. Clear safety instructions from the outset, signs asking customers to be patient and kind. Employees apologizing for long wait times when a client reaches the till. These small considerations and actions will go a long way in maintaining a loyal customer base.




The Products

We have had an extraordinarily busy weekend. Working on an order for Gould Salons, we now have our first batch of grey PPE Screens ready to install. Taking on the more local stores this week, Gary and Sam will be liaising directly with the onsite teams to get the screens set up and safely secured.



Our screens are low cost, lightweight, easy to move and to install. An ideal solution for bars, restaurants, barbers, salons, shops, gyms, factories etc.


Explore our range of products here on the website and make your order today.


Make your Screen booking today: | 01926 833942



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